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About Quespedia.com

Quespedia.com is a venture of Profectus Consulting Private Limited, a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. It is a one place stop shop to discuss all the questions of premium exams. The primary objective of Quespedia.com is to provide a platform for students who are aspiring for post graduation or key certification exams. It is different from various available discussion forums in a way that all discussions start with a MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format. Users are given the freedom to edit questions and answers, as appropriate.

Quespedia.com is a free-content encyclopedia wherein all the contents within the site, including exams, questions, answers and comments, are contributed by its users. The site encourages collaboration among users to improve the accuracy of contents. The site has been kept fully functional even for non-registered users however, registering to site will give the users some added advantage in terms of personalization and preferences.

The website was launched in August, 2011.

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