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Why Quespedia? - Blog by the Founder of Quespedia.com

If you asked me one thing that’s the most certain about financial markets, emerging or developed alike, I would say it has to be that “Markets hate Uncertainty”. The uncertainty could be the results of US Primaries, turmoil in the Middle East, government policy debate, pending lawsuits or capital situation at the banks. The market reaction to all of these events is always the same. Investors sell off because they do not like the uncertainty inherent in each of these situations. As humans, we are not comfortable spending or investing when we have a sense of uncertainty. Uncertainty makes us worried, distracted and ultimately less productive. This is perhaps why most of us when coming out of an exhaustive exam are still looking to discuss the questions that we are uncertain about. As draining as the exam and the leading preparation to it may have been, the uncertainty about the result stops us from forgetting about it just yet.

The thoughts about the exam do not leave you with the exam day. If you are like me, you wake up the next morning still thinking of few more questions and hope you could ask your friends about it. Sometimes it helps but more often than not you are at impasse with your buddy. You are just not satisfied with the explanation that he/she has. You wish you could ask others. At times, when exams are tricky, you wonder if the questions that you thought were no-brainer were really that simple. You hesitantly turn towards the forums but the question is buried under lots of threads. You don’t want to go this slippery road because you know it’s not going to give you the complete answer.

The complete answer that you are really trying to figure out is not an answer to one or two questions but that if you passed the exam or not. Your quest for right answers often has little to do with the actual answers. You could care less if you passed (or achieved your goal) and missed those questions. Even if you didn’t do so well in the exam, you would still like to know the result so you can move forward with your life. If this wasn’t true, why would people tend to not spend much time after the Computer Aided Tests (CAT) while the same people have hard time letting it go after a paper test?

After a long preparation schedule, students and professionals alike want to find out the result and get over the emotions. However, current exam system, except for some CAT does not offer a quick result even in a multiple-choice exam. Most of the boards and institutes have a system not just to grade the exams but also to establish a cut-off. This often takes much longer than we would like. You could spend hours on the forums and sort out all the questions from meaningless and annoying comments. If you are persistent, you could even come up with a system to figure out your score but it still doesn’t give you any reasonable picture how others did.

Quespedia.com presents to you a reliable, quick, consensus-driven and complete solution to your certainty quest. Collectively, students and professionals share the questions in as little words as they prefer, or in as much details as they wish. Others can freely edit the questions or choices as they seem fit. It’s really a platform where everybody gets a chance to pose a question and then gets a collective feedback. You can share your comments about the question/choices on the same page just as a computer test, and move on to the next question. The comments are kept separate so if you aren’t interested in anything other than the questions, choices and popular answers, you click your correct choice and you move right ahead.

In parallel, as the questions, choices and correct choices are entered, Quespedia.com takes it to another level. It allows you to re-live your exam in a fast forward mode. You select the exam, click your correct choices and when you finish, our program will give you not only your projected score but also a graph which will show you where you stand with the others. In most cases, the graph will enable you to clearly see the cut off. This is something even the institutes do not share with students. This is your collective effort that empowers the entire student/professional community in finding out how they did and more importantly how they did with respect to the other exam-takers.

Ultimately, Quespedia.com is a tool for the community to help themselves.

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